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Regardless of whether you have previously purchased a home or whether it’s your first purchase, buying an apartment involves a great many details. However, it doesn’t have to be all that complicated. To make it easier, we’ve put down everything you need to know in a clear and straightforward fashion in the brochure devoted to Block 1. In the Information Centre, our sales team is ready to help you, including a technical specialist, mortgage consultant, and interior stylist. So why not visit our Information Centre and benefit from our knowledge and experience?

How does purchasing a home in Holland Park actually work?

  1. Orientation: your best option is to start by visiting the Information Centre, where you’ll find the most recent information on what’s available and can also benefit from the help of our consultants. As the name implies, the Information Centre can give you all the information you may need. You’ll find two model apartments, scale models of the neighbourhood and Block 1, a showroom with a wide range of accessories for personalizing your home, tailor-made mortgage advice, and beautiful as well as informative brochures on Holland Park and Block 1. You can orient yourself and obtain information at no obligation whatsoever. And of course there’s hot coffee waiting for you.
  2. Reserving a unit: once you have made a choice from the 131 residential units in Block 1 and have decided which of the 32 types appeals to you the most, you have two options. You can, of course, simply buy the unit if you’re completely sure of yourself, but you can also reserve the unit in your name for a period of one week. During that week, you can consult with friends and family, check out your mortgage situation, and come to a final decision. After the reservation period of one week, the apartment is either put on the market again or you are the new owner. Making a reservation as well as a purchase is done via the estate agents team of Holland Park.
  3. Purchasing: the best way to get detailed information about buying an apartment is by carefully reading the magazine and/or discussing the matter in the Information Centre. In brief, you sign a purchase agreement and a building contract. After you sign them, the agreements are submitted to the civil-law notary.

    The suspensive conditions as well as the technical description are included in these agreements. When purchasing a newly built unit, you do not have to pay any transfer costs, in contrast to the situation for an existing home, in which case these costs are paid by the buyer. The purchase price includes elements such as the cost of the land, but it does not include costs related to the financing of your purchase. The unit is covered by the SWK scheme, which provides you with a guarantee of delivery.

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