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Attractive canals, beautiful building façades, delightful streets, green inner courtyards, and beautifully designed apartments starting at €135,000: you’ll find all of these and more alongside the new ring of canals in the innovative residential neighbourhood of Holland Park located only 10 minutes from Amsterdam. Holland Park provides affordable residential space in magnificent apartments measuring between 45 m² and 100 m². This unique and fully self-sufficient neighbourhood was designed by the well-known architect and urban development planner Sjoerd Soeters. The design also draws its inspiration from his earlier projects, including the Java Island quarter in Amsterdam and Sluseholmen, the district of Copenhagen lined with canals. It’s a neighbourhood with an authentic character all of its own, like the Jordaan and De Pijp neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. It’s a neighbourhood that attracts and energizes, with a great deal of water, attractive streets, excellent facilities and services, cosy restaurants, and fast and efficient access links. Construction will start in 2015, and the first residents will move in one year later.

Unique design

Holland Park is the striking result of a focus on quality and a willingness to explore the limits of what is possible in terms of architecture and urban design. The total concept is visionary and innovative, offering a great deal of variety in terms of outdoor space and architecture. As such, Holland Park is actually redefining what it means to ‘live outside the city.’ The urban development plan created by Sjoerd Soeters provides an attractive, friendly, and people-centred urban living space surrounded by characteristic canals. The street views are quite varied in terms of colour and structure, at times open-ended and at other times more closed, sometimes very expressive and at other times elegant or even solid and robust. Every residential living space is different, and you can choose the space that is most in line with your personal wishes.

Very accessible

Holland Park is ideally located in relation to various access roads and public transport facilities. Located only 14 minutes from Amsterdam’s central station (CS), the site is centrally located and easily accessible. Regardless of whether your destination is the Museumplein, the Leidseplein, or Schiphol Airport, you can get there very quickly and easily by metro, tram, train, car, or bicycle.

Very affordable

Where else can you live on your own property and land alongside a canal within 10 minutes of the centre of Amsterdam for as little as €135,000? If you really want to do so, without having a much longer commute to the city, simply read on.

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